Policies & Procedures

Student Organizational Policies

International Bear Association at Bear Fair

All student organizations must abide by the: 

2020-2021 Student Organization Policies
Fall 2020 Student Event Policies (COVID and Events)
**The university does not approve off campus events, however all organizations are expected to comply with all policies and submit required information as requested.

ALL ACTIVE ORGS that would like to receive bear grants from SGA MUST submit an updated W-9 (filled out correctly as a 501c7) to Campus Life before the bear grant process begins in the fall.

Also submit a copy of your bank account info (cross out personal info and account #) and an updated constitution with a statement at the top: “This organization operates as a not for profit since recognition on…”

Fall 2020 Event Expectations 

The Office of Campus Life is asking for a more hands on roll with student organizations in event planning. This is to help determine if events should be held virtually or if they are in person, that proper safety measures are taken. These expectations are in addition to the policies linked above.

  • All Chapter meetings, business meetings, bi-weekly meetings, and any other type of meeting should be held virtually.  
  • For planning events of more than 25: After meeting with your advisor, you will need to email campuslife@mercer.edu including the who, where, what, when, why aspects of the event that your organization is holding. You will also need to include a plan for social distancing and how your organization plans to keep students safe at the event. Make sure that your event is following the event guidelines, i.e. hand sanitizer is being provided, makes are being worn, etc. Your organization will not be able to hold the event until you receive an email from the campus life office. **On campus events are approved through the reservation process. The University does not approve off campus events, but all organizations should follow all policies in place.
  • Signage for Events: Pre-printed signage will be available for student organizations to pick up from the Office of Campus Life to use at in-person events. Organizations are welcome to make their own signage so long as they include all the information found on the Campus Life signs. Here are the signs for an 8X11 print or 13X17 print. 
  • Pre-packaged food is allowed, but we would recommend not giving out food at this time. 
  • Organizations that plan to bring guests or vendors on campus, please note this on the reservation request. It may require additional approval from the provost's office. This will be done through campus reservations.

Fall 2020 Community Service and Tutoring Guidelines

Community Service

All student organizations that participate in weekly service or other service projects in the community are required to follow all applicable Mercer Fall 2020 COVID Event policies. This includes wearing masks, practicing social distancing and using hand sanitizer. Organization members should not participate if experiencing any COVID symptoms.

We strongly encourage organizations to consider outdoor projects that have minimal contact with community members.

**All events, including service events that have 25 or more people, must be submitted to the Office of Campus Life. Email campuslife@mercer.edu with a COVID plan for the event.


Student organizations that host weekly tutoring sessions will not be allowed to host on Mercer’s campus for the fall semester. It is strongly encouraged that organizations find ways to host virtual tutoring sessions when possible. If tutoring is done off campus and face to face, all participants and students must follow applicable event guidelines. This includes wearing masks at all times, using hand sanitizer and not participating in activities if have any COVID symptoms.


Event Approval

All student organization events that are ON CAMPUS must be approved by the Office of Campus Life. Check the University calendar first to avoid any scheduling conflicts as best as possible (keep in mind that it may take several days for approved events to appear on the calendar). Complete a student organization reservation request. For Fall 2020, if your event has a projected attendance of more than 25 people, the organization must plan the event with their advisor and communicate those plans to Campus Life. 

Travel Policy and Form

Travel Statement

Travel Form (Must be submitted 48 hours before travel to the Campus Life Office. Copy of signed form must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs to receive SGA funds for travel BEFORE the trip.)

Vehicle Release Form (fill out and turn in BEFORE a trip in which you drive a vehicle-only drivers need to fill out the form)

Campus Life and Residence Life Posting Policies

Campus Posting Policy: All flyers, posters and banners must be approved by the Office of Campus Life BEFORE you may post in academic or non-residence life buildings on campus. Campus Life staff will approve, stamp and place up to seven flyers in the Connell Student Center. Organizations must place all other flyers on campus (except for residence halls) on their own following the policies of each academic building. One stamped flyer must be included when seeking approval from Residence Life for flyers in the residence halls. Organizations must take all flyers to Residence Life for this second approval process. Residence Life Posting Policy

Event Accessibility Template (for all on campus advertisements)

*The following statement must be included on all flyers for on campus events.


Renew your student organization for the 2020-2021 academic year here

All student organizations are required to renew once a year with Campus Life or at any time officers change.

This renewal will be used to send out Bear Fair registration notices in early July.

Once renewed, all new officer and advisor information for the 2020-2021 Academic Year on your Bear Pulse account. Please also add an updated description if anything has changed.

If you have any questions or issues with renewing your information, please contact the Office of Campus Life at 478-301-2868 or campuslife@mercer.edu .

Start a New Student Organization

Consider the 3 categories of student organizations and click the link to start the process of establishing your new organization:

  • Religious Affiliated: A student organization that provides faith/religion to the Mercer Community.MViet at Bear Fair
  • Club Sports: A student organization that provides students with an athletic component to their college education and is not affiliated with the Athletic Department.
    • To start a new club sport at Mercer, please contact Todd Thomas, Director of Recreational Sports and Wellness at (478) 301-2370 or thomas_ta@mercer.edu
  • New Student Organization: Any student organization that is either academic, governing, honorary, service, publication affiliated, or of special interest.

Advisor Information

Being a student organization can be a big committment, and Campus Life is here to help. We are thankful for all the work you do with students to better their college experience. Please see the Student Organization Advisor Manual for best practices and policies. When you agree to advise a student organzation, make sure to sign the Advisor signature page and submit it to Campus Life. 

Non-Academic Misconduct Process for Student Organizations

Student organizations are expected to operate in accordance with the law, student organizational guidelines (as outlined by the Office of Campus Life), and with all University policies including the Student Code of Conduct.  Student organizational recognition is not a right, and can be evaluated and rescinded by the University at any time for any reason.

When the University becomes aware of any allegation of misconduct by a student organization, the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs may assign a staff member to investigate and review the allegation(s), as needed, by meeting with any individual the staff member determines is warranted.  In cases involving sensitive or confidential reporting (e.g., cases involving hazing, sexual misconduct, hospitalizations, etc.), the staff member investigating the case may use appropriate discretion in releasing information placed in the report to protect the identity and confidentiality of the reporting or involved student or witness.   That staff member will meet with the organization to review the allegations related to the organization before making a recommendation back to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs on his or her evaluation of policy infraction(s) and proposed sanctions, if any (including suspension or expulsion of an organization).  The prior disciplinary history of the organization, the forthrightness and cooperation of the organization and its members during the proceedings, and the severity of the allegations may all be evaluated as part of this recommendation.      

The Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs will then choose to accept that recommendation, modify it, or conduct further inquiry on his or her own before finalizing the decision. This decision will then be communicated to the organization in writing.   This decision is final; however, in cases in which a group can clearly substantiate that an egregious and obvious error occurred at some point in the determination, it may request the Vice President and Dean of Students to review the decision.  This request must be made in writing within three days of receiving the decision and clearly outline and substantiate the error that was made. The Vice President and Dean of Students may then choose, but is not obligated, to review the case and make any modifications as deemed appropriate.

Nothing in this section prohibits the University from implementing an “interim suspension” as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct while the case is being investigated.  Nothing in this policy prohibits the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs or Vice President for Student Affairs from reviewing a case directly at any point.