List of Student Organizations

Mercer has over 150 student organizations. Click the classification from the list below to just to the student organizations within that category:

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American Chemical Society

President: Kyle Powell
Advisor: Joseph Keene

Mercer University Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society. ACS is a congressionally chartered independent membership organization which represents professionals at all degree levels and in all fields of chemistry and sciences that involve chemistry.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

President: Blake Farrell
Faculty Advisor:  Loren Sumner 

Engineering club dedicated to allowing its members to gain knowledge and experience, network with professionals, and explore their interests in the engineering field.

Association of Global Health 

President:   Marcus Strickland
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amy Nichols-Belo   

The Association of Global Health serves as a departmental organization for students who majoring in, minoring in, or are simple interested in Global Health Studies. The purpose of the Association of Global Health is to improve, educate, inform, and promote the principles of the Global Health Studies and to raise awareness about issue in Global Health. The Association Of Global Health seeks to achieve its goals through interactive and educational opportunities such as panels, simulation events, table events in the CSC and Cruz Plaza, its annual Global Health Week.

Association of Pre-Pharmacy Students (APPS)

President:   Arryanna Allen
Faculty Advisor: Sylvia Bridges

APPS exists to provide information to those interested in pursing a career in the pharmaceutical field. APPS will strive to bring together students from diverse background who will provide service to their community through volunteering and by their pharmaceutical knowledge.

Biomedical Engineering Society

President: Skylar Christianson     
Faculty Advisor: Edward O'Brien   

It shall be the purpose of BMES to be an organization for students who are devoted to developing and using engineering and technology to advance human health and well-being. BMES strives to build and support the biomedical engineering community, locally, nationally and internationally, with activities designed to communicate recent advances, discoveries, and inventions; promote education and professional development; and integrate the perspectives of the academic, medical, governmental, and business sectors.

Financial Management Association

President: Sachin Khurana
Advisor: Jeff Ngene

Established in 1970, the Financial Management Association International (FMA) is a global leader in developing and disseminating knowledge about financial decision making. FMA's mission is to broaden the common interests between academicians and practitioners, provide opportunities for professional interaction between and among academicians, practitioners and students, promote the development and understanding of basic and applied research and of sound financial practices, and to enhance the quality of education in finance.

Gamma Iota Sigma 

President:  Matthew Paschal
Advisor: Kenneth Tah

Gamma Iota Sigma is a nationally recognized student fraternity that fosters student interest in risk management, insurance, and actuarial sciences. GIS at Mercer aims to connect members to the insurance and actuarial industries, expose students to insurance for all majors, and develop professional skills for post graduation success.  

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 

President:  Colin Petherbridge
Advisor: Anthony Choi

IEEE is the student club for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. 

Latin Club

President:  Cody Moran
Advisor: Achim Kopp

Latin Club is an academic and social organization which meets to discuss and celebrate the language, culture, and history of Ancient Rome.

Le Cercle français (French Club)

President:  Jordan Houser
Faculty Advisor: Anna Weaver   

Le Cercle Français is the official French club of Mercer University. Devoted to the interests of the French language and culture, the club seeks a more active student participation in all things français. Events are held monthly, featuring National French Week celebrations. For more information, please contact club officers or visit the Facebook group of Le Cercle Français!

Mercer Latin Club

President:  Raejan Noh
Faculty Advisor: Achim Kopp

Mercer Latin Club is an organization that wishes to share and inspire a love for the classics through campus. Although our name may seem one sided, Mercer Latin Club is the organization for students who appreciate and have an interest in learning or are currently studying classical languages and culture.

Mercer Math Club

President:  Harrison Verhine
Faculty Advisor:  David Nelson   

We celebrate math and admire it's beauty together, sometimes with math presentations, but mostly with meetings and pizza! All are welcome!

Mercer Neuroscience Organization

President:  Alice Yoon
Faculty Advisor:  Bill Jenkins 

The Mercer Neuroscience Organization serves to provide resources to mentor incoming and outgoing Neuroscience majors, educate the general Mercer population about prevalent neurological disorders, and fundraise and volunteer to connect Mercer to the Macon community. Overall, the purpose of the organization is to provide students resources to connect the textbook information to the real world, encouraging the combination of logical, ethical, and empathetic thinking.

Mercer University Nursing Organization

President:  Riddhi Nirmal
Faculty Advisor: Carol Bokros

This organzation is for Mercer students interesting in nursing. 


President:  Manvi Manyam
Faculty Advisor: Troy Nash   

Mercer Pre-Medical (MerPMed) is an organization for students interested in pursuing a career in medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, veterinary, and other healthcare related professions. The purpose of MerPMed is to encourage students on their journey to a career in healthcare through educational resources including access to the organization’s personal library of healthcare graduate exam preparation books and services such as multiple pre-health track related information, how to apply to graduate schools, and exposure to guest speakers from various healthcare occupations. MerPMed seeks to foster the professional and intellectual advancement of the organization’s student body. For more information, please request the constitution from the organization’s President.

Pre-Dental Club

President: Emily Vu &  Dinali Patel &
Faculty Advisor: Troy Nash  

Our organization provides guidance for pre-dental students on campus regarding career development, preparation for dental school, and establishing connections between health students and dental professionals in Georgia. We also focus on fundraising, volunteering, and shadowing, and try to establish connections with the Dental College of Georgia and other dental opportunities.

Pre-Law Society

President: Will Anthony
Faculty Advisor: Lori Johnson   

The Pre-Law Society offers students the opportunity to learn more about law professions. They can meet law school officials, lawyers, judges and other figures. The society also offers LSAT training and other law related activities.

Pre-Physician Assistant Association

President:  Riddhi Patel
Faculty Advisor:  Emilianne Limbrick   

It shall be the mission of the PPAA to bring fellow pre-physician assistant students together to provide support, information, and skills for the road to becoming a PA. We will hold monthly meetings that will consist of guest speakers, engaging activities, and service events.

Pre-PT/OT/AT Club

President:  Yanett Clark
Faculty Advisor:  Rebeka Hott   

Mercer Pre-PT/OT/AT Club strives to create an appreciation of the value of a health pre-professional education and subsequent health care career. To encourage campus and community service among these students. To promote cooperation and contact between health professionals and pre-professional students and educators. To provide a forum for students with similar interests. To use its knowledge and student member’s participation to help benefit health organizations, charities and the campus and local community. To encourage academic, clinical, service and social excellence among Mercer pre PT/OT/AT students.

Psychology Club

President:  Cassie Stockner
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Buchli   

Psych Club welcomes all students with an interest in psychology, regardless of declared major or minor. We meet once a month and learn a lot of the more fun aspects of psychology in presentations ranging from how sensation and perception can cause optical and auditory illusions to how video games improve hand-eye coordination and strategizing.

Spanish Club

President:  Jourdan Harper
Faculty Advisor:  Lydia Masanet

Spanish Club is an organization that allows students to learn more and show their passion about the Spanish culture through the events put on by Spanish Club such as through discussions, learning about the various dances, issues, and much more in the bi-weekly meetings. Come on out for a taste of the Spanish culture with an organization que nunca olvidarás.

Mu Phi Epsilon

President: Sarah Doverspike
Faculty Advisor: Kathryn White

Mu Phi Epsilon is a coeducational, professional music fraternity whose mission is: To advance music in the community, nation, and throughout the world; To promote musicianship, scholarship, therapy, and education, with emphasis on service through music; and To enhance loyalty to the Alma Mater and develop true bonds of friendship.

The National Society of Black Engineers

President: Henri White
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stephen Hill   

The National Society of Black Engineers pride themselves on fulfilling the mission statement: "To Increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community."


President:  Sage Carson and Aditi Dave
Faculty Advisor: Warren Hutchings   

The purpose of the Student National Medical Association Minority Association of Premedical Students (SNMA-MAPS) is to represent future underrepresented pre-health students. Students can engage and learn about medicine through meetings, networking events, community service projects, mentorship programs, fundraisers, lectures, etc. We hope to inspire and support future healthcare professionals throughout their pre-health journey by providing and acting as a resource for members. This organization is open to students of all races, gender, and ethnicities.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

President:  Cassidy Hipp
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Goode

The Society of Women Engineers at Mercer University is a chapter of the national SWE organization. The goal of our organization is to provide a unique community and voice for women engineers on campus. We organize many professional development workshops, including resume building and interview skills, as well as plan networking events and site visits. By fostering a sense of solidarity among female engineers, we hope that we can be a great resource for many engineers, particularly those that are just beginning their studies. Our chapter sponsors many fundraisers and outreach programs within the Macon community.

Sociology and Criminal Justice Club

President:  Sydney Campbell
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Laura Simon 

This club aims to foster a spirit for sociology and criminal justice on Mercer's campus for students who are majoring, minoring, or just interested in these disciplines! For all who are interested in discussing solutions to social problems by putting the discoveries of sociology and criminal justice into action, this is the club for you!

Club Sports / Recreation

Ballroom Dance Club

President:  Kerri Graham
Faculty Advisor: Sarah Gardner

We are the student ballroom dance club for Mercer University. We want to provide a fun environment for students and faculty to learn and practice ballroom dances. We hold weekly meetings, host several dances throughout the year, and attend dances in Macon and Atlanta. You don’t need any prior dance experience to attend! If you’re looking to join the club, we meet on Monday nights at 8pm in Penfield Hall.

Club Volleyball

President:  Jenna Drummond

Advisor: Craig Byron

Fencing Club

President:  Caleb Thompson
Faculty Advisor:  James Taylor     
The Mercer University Fencing Club provides a place for students to practice and compete in all three weapons of Olympic Fencing - foil, epee, and sabre. We work closely with the Warner Robins Fencing Society and regularly host and compete in tournaments. No previous experience necessary - we will gladly teach beginning fencers everything they need to know!

Mercer Martial Arts Club 

President:  Dillon Fowler
Faculty Advisor:  Todd Thomas     

Provides martial arts and self defense teachings and practice.

Mercer Fishing Team

President:  Chris Lee
Faculty Advisor:  Brent Meyer     

Mercer Women's Club Soccer

President:  Emily Leonard
Faculty Advisor:  Todd Thomas     

An organization for female students who are interested in playing college soccer, but not at a collegiate level (all levels of play invited).

Mercer Club Baseball

President:  James Simmons  

Advisor: Todd Thomas

Mercer Club Basketball

President:  Josh Henderson

Advisor: Todd Thomas

Mercer Women's Club Basketball

President:  Lauren Hill
Faculty Advisor:  Kevin bucholtz    

Mercer University Club Swim Team

President:  Sydney Hanna

Advisor: Todd Thomas

Mercer Club Swim team is a co-ed team focused on personal/group improvement and team bonding.


President:  Priya Merai

Advisor: Alana Alvarez

South Asian Fusion Dance Team


 AGAPE Campus Ministry
President:  Taylor Craig
Faculty Advisor: Dave Wilcoxson  

Non-denominational Christian Organization

Baptist Collegiate Ministries

President:  Lauren Buice
Faculty Advisor: Chris Fuller

Mercer's Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) is a campus ministry of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. We are a group of Christians committed to following, worshiping, and enjoying fellowship in Jesus Christ. We meet for worship on Thursdays at 8 p.m. in Newton Chapel, host fundraisers for summer mission trips, and emphasize service and outreach to the community around us.

Delight Ministries

President:  Moriah Roycroft
Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Janell Johnson

Episcopal and Lutheran Fellowship

President:  Jessica Smith
Faculty Advisor:  Matt Harper

Episcopal and Lutheran Fellowship (formerly known as Canterbury) is a campus ministry sponsored by the Lutheran (ELCA) and Episcopal Churches. However, you do not have to be Lutheran, Episcopalian (or even Christian!) to be welcomed into our community. ALL our welcome into our fellowship! We offer an authentic community of spiritual support for students, as well as opportunities for service and worship. We are currently one of the smaller campus ministries, but we have big heart!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

President: Mac Brydon
Advisor: April Cassell

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) aims to offer a fellowship time for athletes and non-athletes to learn more about what it means to be a Christian athlete. How can we serve Christ through our sport?

Mercer Catholic Campus Ministry

President: Michael Cosby
Advisor: Father John Wright

Mercer Catholic Campus Ministry is a religious organization meant to help students evolve in their faith. CCM provides mass, bible studies, praise & worship, and many other exciting activities & services on/off campus to allow students an opportunity for growth in faith, fellowship, leadership, and more as they take on college. While primarily targeted to Catholic students, the organization is open to all college students of all faiths to help share and foster Christian ideals.

Muslim Student Association

President: Zaid Al-Husein 
Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Eimad Houry  

Muslim Student Association is an organization open to people of all faiths for congregating to learn about Islam, ask questions, and even clear any misconceptions. By learning from each other and facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, we intend to help promote peace, harmony and an appreciation for both differences and similarities across religions, cultures, languages, etc. We have discussions on a variety of topics including religion, cultures, societal issues, science, inter-faith analysis (similarities and differences between the Abrahamic faiths), poetry, literature and arts. Various events and activities are organized to commemorate holidays and also shed light on different cultural practices.

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

President: Stephen Mackes
Faculty Advisor:  Marlin Harris

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is the official campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America, but you do not have to be Presbyterian to be involved! We have been on the Mercer Campus for over 25 years. The purpose of RUF is to care for Mercer students where they are at, reach the campus for Christ, and equip students to serve Jesus in every sphere of life. Over the past 25 years, RUF has had a significant impact on the Mercer community. Thousands of students have grown in their love for the Savior and been challenged by the Word of God through RUF. All are welcomed. Skeptics, doubters, and those desiring to grow in faith, are welcome to join the family of RUF.


President: Kyle Hensel
Faculty Advisor: Rev Marilyn McKelvey Tucker-Marek

UKirk is a campus ministry, sponsored by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), dedicated to feeding Mercer Students, spiritually and physically, by gathering around the table each week, sharing a meal, growing as disciples of Christ, and together creating a supportive community and a judgement free zone.

Wesley Foundation

President: Maggie Kowalchuk
Faculty Advisor:  Brandon Tolle

Wesley Foundation is a ministry of The United Methodist Church that is designed to reach students from all walks of life and religious traditions. Our hope is to share in the love of Christ, grow together in faith, and go into the World sharing our lives and faith with whoever we meet. Wesley Foundation of Macon seeks to be a spiritual home for all college-aged students in Macon, allowing students to grow spiritually by worshiping freely, following Christ, and serving impactfully.

Young Life

President:  Holly Prince
Faculty Advisor: Sheilah Feagin

Young Life is an international ministry. In Macon, we have Young Life Leaders assigned to multiple schools, and these leaders are some of the most incredible people you will ever meet. It starts with adults and college kids who are concerned enough about kids to go to them, on their turf and in their culture, building bridges of authentic friendship. Leaders involve themselves in the high schoolers' life through their ability to "just be there" for kids who need a mentor, or someone to talk to. These relationships don’t happen overnight — they take time, patience, trust and consistency. Being a Young Life Leader is one of the MOST fun opportunities out there. You can goof off with high schoolers, while additionally showing them the love of Christ. You can also have the opportunity to travel with these kids as your relationships grow stronger and stronger. I have, honestly, never experienced something as rewarding as Macon Young Life.

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Judicial Council

President: Tory Aina
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Samantha Murfree   

The Office of Judicial Education serves the Mercer University community by defining, interpreting, enforcing and educating students on the university's judicial policy and procedures while promoting intellectual growth, social responsibility, healthy behaviors, and respect for the community through its process.

Residence Hall Association

President: Faith Parker
Faculty Advisor: Bekah Hott

The Residence Hall Association seeks to make residence hall living more enjoyable for residents, to develop a sense of pride and community within the residence halls, and to promote a healthy living environment for the residents. RHA strives to achieve these goals by providing large scale educational and social programs, actively participating in community service, improving hall facilities, representing student ideas and issues to the administration, attending state, regional, and national conferences, and providing opportunities for student leadership.

Student Government Association (SGA)

President: Adam Penland
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Doug Pearson

The Student Government Association is an organization dedicated to being student's voices to the administration. Our primary purpose is to represent student interest to the administration and other offices on campus, fund student organizations, and help students create their own student organizations.

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Honor Society

Alpha Epsilon Delta

President:  Peter Garcia
Faculty Advisor: Carol Bokros

Georgia Epsilon is the Mercer University chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the National Health Preprofessional Honor Society. We are dedicated to the encouragement and recognition of excellence in preprofessional health scholarship, the facilitation of professional development, the provision of a forum for students with common interests, and to the service of both the university and Macon community. National membership must be earned (see, but our chapter welcomes affiliate members who may not be eligible for national membership, but who share our passion and goals.

Alpha Psi Omega

President:  Julianna Tollett
Faculty Advisor: Francesca Rollins   

Alpha Psi Omega is Mercer Theatre’s honor society. Members are selected by participation in the theatre program. This honor society is for the most dedicated theatre members, and has only recently been reestablished at Mercer.

Beta Alpha Psi

President:  Sachin Khurana
Faculty Advisor: Stephanie Morris   

Nationally recognized honors society for accounting and finance professionals

Delta Sigma Pi

President:  Donald Williams Jr.
Faculty Advisor: Stephanie Howard  

Professional Business Fraternity.

Tri Beta

President:  Gautham Mudireddy
Faculty Advisor: Barry Stephenson    

Tri-beta is the only biological honor society here at Mercer. We pride ourselves on our commitment to community service and our commitment to gain higher understandings of biology. We strive to share the world of biology with those outside of the society and outside of the major itself through campus-wide lectures and service projects.

Golden Key International Honor Society

President:  Erin Moore
Faculty Advisor:  Ansley Booker

Golden Key is the world's largest collegiate honor society. Membership into the Society is by invitation only and applies to the top 15% of college and university sophomores, juniors and seniors, as well as top-performing graduate students in all fields of study, based solely on their academic achievements. As an international honor society with more than 400 chapters at colleges and universities around the world, Golden Key is committed to a high standard of scholastic achievement, and an ethos of integrity, innovation, respect, collaboration and diversity. With more than 2 million members, including honoraries like Desmond Tutu, Elie Wiesel and Bill Clinton, Golden Key carries an esteemed legacy of achievement. Members are a community with a linkage to widely respected individuals and ideals … all part of the continuum of excellence. Golden Key offers its members exclusive opportunities and connections through over half a million dollars in scholarships and awards, partnerships with major corporations, career advancement and graduate programs. The Society also works with university faculty and administrators to develop and maintain one of the highest standards of education in the world.

National Residence Hall Honorary

President:  Mary-Angel Ekezie
Faculty Advisor: Beka Hott

Mercer University's Sigma Upsilon Nu chapter of NRHH recognizes, just as all chapters of NRHH do, the top 1% of student leaders within residence halls. As from Article II of our chapter's constitution. The purpose of this organization shall be a) to provide recognition for those students living in the residence halls who have been of outstanding service and who have provided important leadership in the advancement of the residence hall system and b) to promote activities which encourage leadership qualities in residents at Mercer University." -And that is exactly what we DO! We seek out members that can SERVE their residence hall community by EMPOWERING those around them to thrive on the pillars with which our members build their lives.

Phi Eta Sigma

President:  Kaylor Mondaizie
Faculty Advisor: Tony Kemp

Phi Eta Sigma is the oldest and largest honor society for first-year college students, with more than 300 chapters and 700,000 inducted members across the country. Lifetime membership is conferred upon first-year students who 1) have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale at the close of any full-time curricular period during their first year and 2) complete the necessary membership forms. Members are also eligible for scholarships and awards awarded through the national scholarship committee.

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Media / Arts

Bear Market

President: Sachin Khurana
Faculty Advisor:  Antonio Saravia   

The Bear Market is a student-run business newsletter that highlights international finance and economic news every quarter.

Mercer Association of Black Journalists

President: Anisah Muhammad
Faculty Advisor:  Debbie Blankenship   

MABJ is an organization where all journalism students, targeting students of color, can come together to network, learn technical skills, get in touch with job opportunities and discuss matters in the field that affect minorities.

Mercer Bearitones

President:  Hana Hollis

Faculty Advisor: Frantz Salomon   

The Mercer Bearitones are a co-ed a cappella music ensemble. Students of any year, major, or experience are welcome to audition. The purpose of the group is to perform and compete a cappella music while allowing the members to grow as musicians. When they're not busy singing and making harmonies, they enjoy midnight jam sessions, cookout runs, board games, memes, and long walks on the beach.

Mercer Players

President: Rosemary Cooper
Faculty Advisor: Scot Mann   

The Mercer Players is an organization consisting of students involved in the Mercer Theatre. We have students involved both onstage and backstage. Theatre majors and non-majors are welcome to audition or be involved in the crew!

Mprov Comedy

President: C. Devon Raffield
Advisor: Stephen Hill

Mprove Comedy is a place for students to be sociable and gain confidence while also being silly and weird.

Point B.L.A.N.K

President:  Khaliiday Muhammad
Faculty Advisor:  Alana Alvarez   

Spoken word poetry club, and also any vocal performances.

Public Art Coalition

President:  Joycelyn Jackson     
Faculty Advisor:  Creighton Rosental   

A grassroots organization connecting the Mercer art community with the Macon art community

The Dulcimer

President:  Emily Bartlett
Faculty Advisor: Craig Coleman   

The Dulcimer is Mercer University's award-winning literary arts magazine. We were named a 2017 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Medalist and a Columbia Scholastic Press Individual Gold Circle award winner in both 2016 and 2017. Since 1966, we have annually published submissions of art and literature by students, faculty, and alumni in an effort to promote an appreciation and love of the arts. Our student staff is involved in the process of selecting submissions for publications and receives training in In-Design to create beautiful layouts for selected pieces. We encourage submissions from all departments, and there are opportunities at the beginning of each academic year to apply for staff positions.

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African Student Association

President: Xernona Okungu & Arnelle Konde &
Faculty Advisor: Chester Fontenot

The African Student Association (ASA) was created to unite students of African heritage on Mercer University's campus and raise awareness about the people, events, and issues of Africa.The African Student Association is a body of students that are either directly from the continent, share ties with the continent, or have an interest in learning about life on the continent. ASA embraces students of all kind, but hopes to reach out to homesick students coming from Africa, and provide them with an organization dedicated to the preservation of their culture, and transitioning into their new one

Caribbean Students Association

President:  Zara Gabriel & Melissa Henriques
Faculty Advisor:  Chester J. Fontenot  

CSA is an organization that strives to be a safe haven for students of Caribbean descent. We strive to provide a safe space where the Caribbean culture can be further explored and showcased. We also aim to teach Mercer students and the greater Macon area about the different aspects of Caribbean culture.

Common Ground

President:  McPherson Newell 
Faculty Advisor: Linda Hensel   

Common Ground is Mercer's official LGBTQ-Straight organization dedicated to building awareness and encouraging discussion of sexuality and gender diversity. As an educational group, Common Ground is open to all people - that's why it's called Common Ground!

International Bears Association

President:  Marley Hayes
Faculty Advisor:  Liz Dille

The International Bears Association (IBA) is a Mercer Student Organization founded on January 27th, 2014. IBA focuses on offering and facilitating interactions between American and International students. IBA's purpose statement is as follows: It shall be the purpose of the International Bears Association to ensure a welcoming environment, to offer a good Mercer experience, and to improve relationships and interactions with and between foreign and American students.

Latin American Student Organization

President:  Christopher Elizondo
Faculty Advisor:   Alana Alvarez

The purpose is to increase the interest and awareness of all students to the Latin culture, to be active in the Hispanic community and to encourage diversity at Mercer University.

Mercer Asian Society and Interest Association

President:  Ashley Mathieson
Faculty Advisor: Miao Marone

The purpose of Mercer Asian Society & Interest Association, or Mercer ASIA, is to bring diversity to Mercer University and develop a better understanding of the Asian culture and relationship. *This organization is open to all Mercerians who are: 1. interested in enriching their life with the Asian Culture 2. willing to donate their time and effort in aiding the community 3. determined to promote diversity at Mercer University.

Mercer Masala South Asian and Middle Eastern Collaborative

President:  Nishi Patel and Keerthika Ravikumar and
Faculty Advisor: David Nelson   

Mercer Masala is a South Asian and Middle Eastern Culture Club. Our goal is to provide students on this campus with a variety of cultural experiences in an effort to spread both awareness and appreciation for the diverse traditions that flourish in those parts of the world.

Mercer University Korean Student Association

President:  Lydia Kim
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sinjae Hyun   

The Mercer Univeristy Korean Student Organization (MUKSA), exists to establish a community that promotes Korean awareness and the advancement of the Korean community at Mercer University. Through academic and social activites MUKSA interacts with the surrounding communities. MUKSA is devoted to contributing all effort to support the Korean community through volunteer work and by hosting social and educational events. MUKSA also informs students and faculty of the lives in North Korea and is linked to ther Mercer on Mission to Korea.

Mercer Vietnamese Student Association

President:  Christy Tran
Faculty Advisor: Ha Van Vo   

Mercer Vietnamese Student Association is a philanthropic club dedicated to raising funds and awareness for Mercer on Mission: Vietnam. The club strives to promote diversity around campus by giving students the opportunity to experience foreign culture and connect with their peers. Monthly student driven events cultivate leadership and organizational skills.

Organization of Black Students

President:  Jada Johnson
Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Michele Beverly   

The Organization of Black Students (OBS) works to sponsor cultural, academic, and social activities that will serve the Mercer University community, through events tailored to abolishing stereotypes concerning people of color, addressing social, economic, political as well as cultural issues and progress. Our organization seeks to allow students to express themselves in a welcoming, stimulating and culturally aware environment. We are open to participation from ALL students, and in order to educate students from a multitude of ethnic backgrounds, will not discriminate on any basis.

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President:  Kimberly Gessner
Faculty Advisor: Meredith Keating

QuadWorks is the student governed programming board of Mercer University. Devoted to campus unification, QuadWorks strives to provide culturally diverse and entertaining activities to promote the enrichment of Mercer students, faculty, and staff.

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Alpha Phi Omega

President: Marley Hayes
Faculty Advisor:  Laura Fowler

Alpha Phi Omega is a national coeducational service organization founded on the principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service. It provides its members the opportunity to develop leadership skills as they volunteer on their campus, in their community, to the nation, and to the organization.

The Buddy Bunch

President:  Aniya Watts
Faculty Advisor: Sybil Keesbury

The Buddy Bunch of Mercer University is a student organization dedicated to mentoring as well as serving individuals in Bibb County with intellectual and developmental disabilities, giving them the chance to cultivate meaningful, fulfilling connections, to learn, to advance, and to broaden their horizons while building self-esteem through club mentorship, and inclusive activities. We also aim to raise awareness and advocate for those with disabilities within the community.

Mercer Chapter of Habitat for Humanity

President: Jasmine Tapper
Faculty Advisor: Scott Schultz

Habitat for Humanity focuses on building safe and affordable housing for low income families


President: William Leonard

Faculty Advisor:   Lauren Shinholster

Student led service programming board

MU Miracle (Dance Marathon)

President: Tara Chavda
Faculty Advisor:   Meredith Keating   

MU Miracle is the largest student-organization at Mercer University, with over $150,000 raised for the Beverly Knight Olson Children’s Hospital since founding in 2016. Each yearlong fundraising campaign concludes with our 8 hour culminating event, Bearthon - our organization’s signature Dance Marathon - where students, faculty, and Miracle families come together to celebrate and reflect on the year’s efforts. Each dollar that we raise goes directly to the local Beverly Knight Olson Children’s Hospital in Macon GA. Everything we do is For The Kids.

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Social Greek

Alpha Delta Pi

President:  Haryson Blair
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor:  Lauren Jones    

Alpha Delta Pi sisters everywhere have the unique privilege of being a part of the "first and finest" secret society for women. ADPi was founded right here in Macon, GA in 1851, and sisters of Mercer’s Beta Sigma chapter have the opportunity to visit the various sites that our founders frequented. On Mercer’s campus, the chapter excels. You will find ADPi sisters involved in every facet of campus life. From athletics to chorus, and from SGA to Admissions, ΑDPi sisters pride themselves in being active members of Mercer’s community. We boast sisters from a wide variety of academic disciplines and hold the award for Highest Panhellenic GPA for 10 consecutive years. Beyond Mercer, ADPis can be seen working and volunteering at many different places, including our national philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House. The Beta Sigma chapter is lucky enough to have a Ronald McDonald House only a few blocks away from campus, and we love to drive over and meet the families, cook them dinner, and help clean around the house a bit. Helping to maintain these families' “home away from home” while their children are sick is something we are honored to have the privilege to do. When our sisters have free time, we can be found spending time together on the intramural fields, at one of our formals or mixers, attending Mercer’s athletic events, or relaxing on the ADPi porch. To us, Alpha Delta Pi goes far beyond our four years at Mercer. Through the chaos of college and life, we always know that we have our sisters to rely on and trust to help us become the best versions of ourselves.

Alpha Gamma Delta

President:  Cassie McBee
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor:   Tera Edwards

Alpha Gamma Delta promotes academic excellence, philanthropic giving, ongoing leadership and personal development and above all, a spirit of loving sisterhood. Guided by our Purpose, Alpha Gamma Deltas strive to attain a higher standard, thereby improving their lives, the lives of those around them and the communities in which they live. Together, we continually work to inspire the woman and impact the world.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 

President:  Melissa Henriques
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor: Jenika L. Taylor   

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated had its humble beginnings as the vision of nine college students on the campus of Howard University in 1908. Since then, the sorority has flourished into a globally-impactful organization of nearly 300,000 college-trained members, bound by the bonds of sisterhood and empowered by a commitment to servant-leadership that is both domestic and international in its scope. As Alpha Kappa Alpha has grown, it has maintained its focus in two key arenas: the lifelong personal and professional development of each of its members; and galvanizing its membership into an organization of respected power and influence, consistently at the forefront of effective advocacy and social change that results in equality and equity for all citizens of the world. Web Address:  National Web Address:

Alpha Tau Omega

President:  Graham Guthrie
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor:  Matthew Bland    

Alpha Tau Omega is an IFC fraternity that specializes in developing leadership qualities. ATO focuses on building scholarship, fellowship, and character in its members.

Chi Omega

President:  Kadi Perry
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor:  Sarah Schanck    

Founded in 1895 at the University of Arkansas, Chi Omega is the largest women's fraternal organization in the world with over 330,000 initiates and 178 collegiate chapters. Throughout Chi Omega's long and proud history, the Fraternity has brought its members unequaled opportunities for personal growth and development. As a Chi Omega, you will have fun, grow, thrive, achieve success, and flourish! Chi Omegas are well balanced women who are involved on their campuses and in their communities. As a prominent national women's fraternity, Chi Omega provides countless opportunities for fun and friendship during college and beyond.

Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc. 

President:  Shasheen Kher
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor:  Akash Patel

Delta Epsilon Psi, Alpha Mu Colony is one of the newest additions here to Greek Life at Mercer. This fraternity attempts to lead the charge in creating a social, cultural, and service driven rich environment for it's members and the students of Mercer. Our motto is Brother, Discipline, and Commitment and our primary philanthropy is JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 

President:  Alexis Gonzalez
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor: Vanessa Williams    

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. was founded on January 13, 1913 on the campus of Howard University by 22 trailblazing women. The Iota Sigma Chapter was the first NPHC organization chartered on the campus of Mercer University on January 6, 1973 by 10 dynamic women. The Chapter hosts biweekly programs focused on the sorority's five programmatic thrusts: Economic Development, Educational Development, International Awareness and Involvement, Physical and Mental Health, Political Awareness and Involvement.

Kappa Alpha Order

President: Adam Altenbern
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor: Drew Elrod

The members of Kappa Alpha Order pride themselves on a tradition of chivalry and of the values of the gentleman. This is reminiscent of a romanticized version of the Knights of the Crusades. This all culminates into a modern college fraternal experience. A member of Kappa Alpha Order strives to offer reverence to both God and women, as described in the motto. Further, the idea that "Excellence is our Aim" further emboldens members to always apply themselves to self-improvement, realizing that you should always continue to strive for excellence. Finally, being that the organization is an Order, members typically have an idea of the above values before joining. Kappa Alpha does not intend to change anyone, rather bond together those men who have these similar values so that they may experience brotherhood, and pursue improvement, with one another.

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. 

President: Jaydon Taylor
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor: Daniel Morgan    

A fraternity with the purpose of striving for honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor.

Kappa Sigma

President:   Awais Mohiuddin
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor:  David Wynn     

Kappa Sigma is the largest college social fraternity in the world with more than 200,000 living members, including over 20,000 undergraduates and 320 chapters and colonies located throughout the United States and Canada. Founded in 1869 at the University of Virginia, Kappa Sigma International Headquarters is based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Kappa Sigma was founded at Mercer University on March 8th, 1875. Its members live by its four pillars: fellowship, leadership, scholarship, and service. They are taught to be diligent in whatever they do, and their diligence shows on Mercer's campus; last year they raised over $17,000 for the NAVY SEALS Foundation, won Mercer University's Homecoming, had brothers serving on the Student Goverment Association, as Peers Advisors, as Teacher's Assistants, as Research Assistants, and several involved in clubs and intramurals.

Lambda Chi Alpha

President: Ian Gotay
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor: Greg Tapley

Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston University in 1909 and has become one of the largest fraternities in the nation with over 280,000 members and more than 200 active chapters. Colonized in 1947, Lambda Chi Alpha's Zeta-Omega Zeta Chapter was originally chartered in 1950. In 1985 the fraternity lodge, located where what is now the University Center, caught fire and was completely destroyed. Brothers, Alumni, local Fraternities, and national donors pulled together to build a new lodge which stood until May 2000 when Mercer tore down Greek Row in preparation for its replacement, Greek Village, in August 2000. Lambda Chi Alpha celebrated is re-chartering at Mercer in 2001. We also had the honor of initiating the 200,000th brother of Lambda Chi Alpha in 1991. In 2013, Zeta-Omega Zeta hosted Lambda Chi Alpha's Great South Conclave, a leadership conference bringing brothers from various surrounding states. Lambda Chi Alpha's 7 Core Values: (LDRSHIP) -Loyalty -Duty -Respect -Service & Stewardship -Honor -Integrity -Personal Courage Lambda Chi Alpha’s vision to lead a co-curricular Greek movement, predicated on partnership and collaboration amongst the undergraduates, host institutions, alumni and General Fraternity, and offering an experience that focuses on the maturational development of today’s college man. As such, it is the vision of Lambda Chi Alpha to extend itself beyond the traditional social fraternity in practice and principle.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

President:  Nassim Ashford
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor:  Tahrea Grant    

We are a fraternal organization based on the principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift. We believe in service as well as doing more for the community and building campus life.

Order of Omega

President:  Madeline Albritton
Chapter Advisor:  Meredith Keating    

Panhellenic Council

President:  Kellie Wydrinski
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor: Drew Bryant   

The Panhellenic Council is composed of representatives from the four sororities on Mercer's campus who are members of the National Panhellenic Conference. Panhellenic's Purpose is to promote unity and cooperation among all Greeks, as well as foster growth and responsibility in the academic, social, emotional, and civic aspect of a college's woman's life by providing various outlets for development in these areas. As an active part of the Mercer and Macon communities, Panhellenic participates in several activities designed to enrich the undergraduate experience.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. 

President:  Deion Davis
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor: Travis Phelps    

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. is a social/service collegiate and professional fraternity founded at Howard University in Washington, D.C. on January 9, 1914, by three young African-American male students. The fraternity's founders, A. Langston Taylor, Leonard F. Morse, and Charles I. Brown, wanted to organize a Greek letter fraternity that would exemplify the ideals of Brotherhood, Scholarship and Service while taking an inclusive perspective to serving the community as opposed to having an exclusive purpose. The fraternity exceeded the prevailing models of Black Greek-Letter fraternal organizations by being the first to establish alumni chapters, to establish youth mentoring clubs, to establish a federal credit union, to establish chapters in Africa, and establish a collegiate chapter outside of the United States. It is also the only fraternity to hold a constitutional bond with a predominantly African-American sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., which was founded on January 16, 1920, at Howard University in Washington, D.C. The Mercer University chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. was founded in the centennial year of the organization on April 13, 2013. Phi Beta Sigma is a strictly non-hazing organization that abides by the rules and regulations of the state, university, and national headquarters. We are proud members of the NPHC.

Phi Delta Theta

President:  John-Allen Stone
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor: James Freeman    

Phi Delta Theta is a premier fraternity with a rich heritage, both on Mercer’s campus and throughout the world. Our chapter has had its charter for 143 consecutive years at Mercer University, and our brotherhood has taken measures to ensure the continuance of our success by recruiting only the best and brightest that Mercer has to offer. The Georgia Gamma chapter of Phi Delta Theta has initiated 1,433 brothers into the bond of Phi Delta Theta, and our brotherhood is persistent in holding every member accountable for upholding the honor and dignity of the values we cherish. Over recent years we have been awarded by both Mercer and our national fraternity in areas of new member education, IFC chapter of the year, and countless commendations for our community service engagement. We help our members develop in all areas of life as well. Being a well-rounded man is crucial to having, and more importantly sustaining, a life of successful fulfillment. We help our members achieve this by instilling in them our 3 cardinal principles early during their new member process and then holding them accountable for following these three principles throughout their college career. These three principles are Friendship, Sound Learning, and Moral Rectitude.We hope you consider making Phi Delta Theta part of your amazing Mercer experience, and please keep in mind that becoming a member of our organization is a lifetime commitment that will undoubtedly make you a better man. At the same time, we are a selective organization that has strong requirements for entry, and we will only consider people who we fully believe will make our organization a better cultivator of men.

Phi Mu

President:  Brette Moore
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor: Molly Weimer    

Phi Mu was founded in 1852 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Ga. and is the second oldest sorority in the nation. The Alpha Iota Chapter of Phi Mu received its charter at Mercer University on December 2, 1938. Phi Mu Fraternity is a vibrant, values-based women's organization. Our purpose is found in the principles of love, honor, and truth. We pursue the interests and purposes of women on collegiate campuses and in our communities. The promise of our mutual efforts is a lifetime of sisterhood. We are individuals, leaders, philanthropists, and friends. Our national philanthropy is Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. As the only sorority corporate sponsor, we are committed to raising over $500,000 for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals every year. The money raised and donated by our collegiate chapters is used locally to support one of the 170 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals nationwide. In total, Phi Mu has contributed over eight million dollars, and countless hours, improving the quality of life for children throughout the country. Our sisters are involved in numerous campus organizations and participate in a multitude of Mercer events. Over the past year, our chapter has taken home many trophies and awards in the following events: Pi Kappa Phi's War of the Roses philanthropy competition, Alpha Tau Omega's Camp for a Cause Competition, Mercer's Stompfest Competition, Mercer's Greek Week competition, and numerous individual awards during the Greek Awards. Phi Mu sisters love to participate in intramural sports on campus! Whether it's on our "fun", "serious", or "co-rec" teams, our sisters know how to win intramural championships! We love our chapter's competitive and fun-loving spirit. Our sisters can also be found spending down-time on campus at Phi Mu's themed mixers and socials with other Greek and non-Greek organizations. Although our chapter has its fun, our sisters make academics a priority. We have weekly Studying with Sisters events, bi-annual scholarship brunches, and even chapter meetings geared towards promoting academics. Our chapter maintains a GPA higher than that of the All Women's GPA on campus as well as the second highest Greek GPA.

Pi Kappa Phi

President:  Walker Gibbons
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor: Drayton Perkins

Pi Kappa Phi - Alpha Alpha Pi Kappa Phi has been building better men on Mercer's campus since 1923. From our humble roots at the College of Charleston in South Carolina to over 140 campuses today, Pi Kappa Phi stands for a commitment to fundamental values. We are a first CLASS fraternity who firmly believes in the tenets of Character, Leadership, Academics, Sportsmanship, and Service. These principles are not only valued but instilled through leading edge educational, service, and leadership opportunities that we offer on and off campus. We strive for the pursuit of brotherhood through scholarship, leadership, service and social experiences. Pi Kappa Phi is the only national fraternity that operates and owns it own non-profit philanthropy, The Ability Experience, which is responsible for hundreds of programs to benefit disabled individuals. The men of Pi Kappa Phi are leaders on Mercer's campus of the highest standard.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

President: Tucker Cannon
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor:  Doye Green

Sigma Alpha Epsilon strives to give young men the leadership, scholarship, service and social experiences they need to excel in the walls outside their campus and once they graduate. We firmly believe membership is for life. In addition, we strive to mold our members into gentlemen so they can set an example in today's society.

Sigma Nu

President:   Griffin Kish
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor: Brett Mcdaniel 

Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded January 1st 1869 and is a lifelong brotherhood, devoted to our founding principles of Love, Truth, and Honor. In today's modern world, members of Sigma Nu are pushed to be the ideal, modern gentleman. We pride ourselves on academic excellence, personal growth, and service to the community. Sigma Nu is a highly competitive organization in all aspects and we expect the best from every single member.

Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc. 

President:   Sonia Singhal 
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor: Kathryn Wright

A southwest Asian based sorority dedicated to creating a sisterhood of excellence, giving back to our society, and remembering where we came from.

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 

President: Karis Fisher
Alumnum or Chapter Advisor: Jasmine Banks    

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. is a historically black international Greek Sorority founded Jan. 16, 1920 on the campus of Howard University. It's purpose was originally to combat sorority elitism and be a progressive organization dedicated to providing service to those in need. Since it's creation it has become a sorority of firsts, which included but is not limited to: the first NPHC organization to charter a chapter in Africa, the first to centralize its national headquarters, and the first, as well as only, NPHC sorority to be constitutionally bound to a fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. The Omega Mu Chapter found on Mercer's campus was originally chartered May 26, 1984 then rechartered in April of 2002. The chapter devotes itself in upholding the tenets of the sorority which are: Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood, and Finerwomanhood. As well as working in conjunction with several affiliates to the organization such as American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, and March of Dimes

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Special Interest

Aces Up Poker Club

President: Colin O’Connor
Faculty Advisor: Jeff Pullen    

Meets once a week to play card games like Black Jack and Poker. No gambling involved.

American Medical Women's Association

President: Nikki Montalvo
Faculty Advisor: Amy Wiles    

We strive to uphold our mission statement as we empower and encourage our fellow women while pursuing our medical career goals! We have exciting events such as physician lectures, campus and community outreach, social events, Pre-Med discussion panels on research and shadowing, and much more!

American Sign Language Club

President: Jarah Childs
Faculty Advisor: Christina Hunter 

The American Sign Language Club is open to all Mercer students and its purpose is to strengthen cultural understanding through learning the language and dynamic's of America's deaf community. This club offers students a space to communicate with others while enhancing their knowledge of ASL. 


President:  Nicholas Riddell
Faculty Advisor:  Abigail Dowling    

Animercer is a cultural club about Japanese animation. We get together once a week to watch anime in a group setting to enjoy, discuss, and in general have fun watching all different types of anime. We also have movie nights and occasionally go to conventions such as AWA or Momocon together. Our group is filled with all sorts of people and we would love to have you join us!

Be The Light

President:  Ashanti Griggs
Faculty Advisor:  Matthew Harper   

It shall be the purpose of Be The Light, MU tutoring to have members who volunteer to tutor K-12 grade students, who attend the After School Program sponsored by Universal Light Christian Center. All members will volunteer to assist students with homework, and provide instructions helping them to better understand and perform at an acceptable level (in accordance with the Bibb County Public Education system) in core academic courses (Math, English, Reading, Science and History).

Campus Scouts

President: Rylee Kirk
Faculty Advisor: Athea Vanzant   

Campus Scouts is an organization dedicated to assisting the local Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia council. Members are able to assist in any way; running programs or camps, in mentor programs, with badges, writing grants, or even assisting staff members. Campus Scouts aims to help Girl Scouts build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

FORGE-Fighting for Our Rights and Gender Equality

President:    Emily Harris
Faculty Advisor: Janell Johnson     

It was previously known as Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance. F.O.R.G.E is one of many Georgia chapters of United for Reproductive & Gender Equity (URGE). Fighting for Our Rights & Gender Equality (F.O.R.G.E) provides a welcoming environment where people can gather and express ideas on gender issues. As an organization, we seek to raise awareness on these issues and be inclusive to people of all backgrounds (people of color, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, people with mental illness, etc.).

Girl Up

President:  Meg Hicks
Faculty Advisor: Linda Hensel

GirlUp through the United Nations Foundation at Mercer University is a organization that strives to raise money for girls around the world that have lesser opportunities. "Girls are powerful. When they’re educated, healthy, and safe, they transform their communities. When girls stand up for girls in need, they empower each other and transform our world. As the United Nations Foundation’s adolescent girl campaign, Girl Up engages girls to take action. Led by a community of nearly half a million passionate advocates raising awareness and funds, our efforts help the hardest to reach girls living in places where it is hardest to be a girl." - United Nations Foundation

Greener Mercer

President:  Paxton Caroline Hayes
Faculty Advisor: Heather Bowman Cutway

Encourage and provide opportunities to students to become better stewards of the environment and to educate on ways to improve the environment in our local community.

Love Your Melon Fund

President:  Olivia Nation
Faculty Advisor: Michelle Beverly

Previously called Love Your Melon, the Love Your Melon Fund is powered by The Giving Back Fund to maximize impact in the lives of children battling cancer. Fifty percent (50%) of profit from the sale of all Love Your Melon products is given to the Love Your Melon Fund to support nonprofit partners, create therapeutic experiences and fund charitable programming initiatives. Nonprofit partners work in the field of pediatric oncology and provide immediate support for families of children battling cancer. Since 2012, $4,758,816 and 146,688 beanies have been donated.

Mercer Chess 

President:      Ali Sadeq
Faculty Advisor: David Nelson    

Mercer College Republicans

President: John Longshore
Faculty Advisor: Will Jordan

The Mercer University College Republicans Chapter is the official arm of the Georgia Association of College Republicans and College Republican National Committee on the campus of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. We strive to raise voting participations amongst our peers as well as support Republican candidates and values across our campus, state, and nation.

Mercer Educators in Action (MEIA)

President: Laura Roden
Faculty Advisor: Sybil Keesbury     

Mercer Educators in Action (MEIA) is for any student that is passionate about education. Whether your an education major or just interested in education this club is for you. Throughout the year, MEIA fundraises for two local Title I schools to give them needed school supplies.

Mercer Entrepreneurial Engineering Education Program (MEEEP)

President: John Rightmyer
Faculty Advisor: Ramachandran Radharamanan

Mercer Entrepreneurial Engineering Education Program (MEEEP) is a student organization whose mission is to introduce engineering students to the entrepreneurial mindset that is relevant in the business world of today. MEEEP brings engineering, business, and science students together to find solutions to real world problems.

Mercer Film Society

President: Dani Garcia-Rodriguez
Faculty Advisor: Michelle Beverly 

An organization at Mercer University dedicated to preserving and disseminating the knowledge of film as an art form, and augmenting the appreciation and understanding of film in general through screenings and discussions.

Mercer Gaming Society

President: Daniel Marcuse-Gonzalez
Faculty Advisor: Amy Wiles     

It shall be the purpose of Mercer Gaming Society to have a community of various types of gamers, including video games, table top games and card games. We want to provide our members with various events and also times for them to get together and unwind or destress after school. We operate as a not-for-profit organization since our recognition on January 2014.

Mercer International Affairs Organization

President: Ariel Daniels
Faculty Advisor: Eimad Houry     

The Mercer International Affairs Organization has two primary purposes: 1. To promote awareness on campus about global issues and 2. To promote interests and opportunities that would be offered to international affairs students in particular. The organization seeks to achieve its goals through enriching and educational opportunities such as speakers, ethnic dinners, and coffee hours.

Mercer League of Legends

President:  Matt Paschal
Faculty Advisor: Bob Allen     

Mercer League of Legends is a club geared towards connecting, encouraging, and welcoming Mercer students who play League of Legends or who are interested in League of Legends. League is a team based, community focused, video game that has a strong competitive component. MuLoL aims to appeal to casual and competitive players alike, and we welcome players of all experiences and skill levels.

Mercer Maniacs

President:  Joshua Wilck
Faculty Advisor: Carrie Ingoldsby    

Mission Statement: To create community among students through fostering a sense of pride in Mercer athletics. This organization will now contain the sub-groups Lamb's Lunatics and Hoffman's Hooligans, which are Mercer Maniacs that are passionate, ready to get loud and cheer like crazy for football and basketball respectively.

Mercer Mock Trial

President:  Mayah Waltower
Faculty Advisor: Lori Johnson     

Mercer Mock Trial is an organization that travels across the Southeast competing in Mock Trial tournaments.

Mercer National Council of Negro Women

President: Camille Edwards
Faculty Advisor: Taylor Jessamy    

The National Council of Negro Women is a non-profit organization with the mission to advance the opportunities and the quality of life for African-American women, their families and communities. Based on college campuses it is an organization to bring all organizations together.

Mercer Prosthetics and Orthotics Club

President: Cody Carrell
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ha Van Vo     

Mercer Prosthetics and Orthotics Club consists of a group of students that are devoted to furthering knowledge and skills associated with rehabilitation. Our members are students, researchers, and volunteers seeking to share their passion for all things related to prosthetics and orthotics. Members are involved in humanitarian efforts focusing on raising funds and awareness for the Mercer on Mission trip to Vietnam. Funds raised by MPOC are contributed towards medicine (prescription & OTC) as well as charity gifts for the poor/disabled. These supplies are disbursed annually during the summer Mercer on Mission trips. MPOC members include anyone interested in the rehabilitation field, regardless of age, area of study, or past experience.

Mercer Robotics Club

President:  Jacob Sokolove
Faculty Advisor: Anthony Choi     

A student-operated club for people to come and partake in exciting robotics-related projects like 3d printers, cnc machines, drones, battle bots, etc. There are no club fees!

Mercer Students for Justice in Palestine

President:  David Stokes
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Scott Nash

Mercer Students for Justice in Palestine (Mercer SJP) is a diverse group of students, faculty, staff, and community members at Mercer University that works to educate the student body of Mercer University and to mobilize various campaigns that support Palestinian Liberation or challenge broad support for violations of Palestinian rights.

Mercer Students for Life

President:  Mary-Angel Ekezie
Faculty Advisor: Dr. John Thomas Scott

We are a pro-life student organization. Our purpose is to save the lives of innocent children, help women faced with difficult choices, and to defend the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception until natural death.

Mercer Vegan Club

President:  Nishi Patel
Faculty Advisor: Elaina Behounek

Our club would like to educate and inform Mercer students about the (health, environmental, economical, etc) benefits of a vegan lifestyle. And to create better food options for vegan students, and harbor a sense of community in the vegan/ vegetarian population at Mercer.

Mobilize Mercer

President:      Alexandra Kirschbaum & Cole Porter
Faculty Advisor:  Lauren Shinholster 
Mobilize Mercer is a non-partisan, student-driven voting initiative that is focused on raising voter awareness and participation on Mercer's campus. In 2016, efforts will be put forth by this group to win the SoCon Votes competition.

Model Arab League

President: David Stokes
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eimad Houry

One In Four

President:  Jabril Edmondson
Faculty Advisor:  Adam Falk     

One in Four is sexual assault peer to peer advocacy group. The mission of One in Four is to empower men to take action against sexual assault and aid the survivors.


President: Vincent Wyche II
Faculty Advisor: Ricky Clark

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

President:  Sarah Littleton
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Goode    

The Society of Women Engineers at Mercer University is a chapter of the national SWE organization. The goal of our organization is to provide a unique community and voice for women engineers on campus. We organize many professional development workshops, including resume building and interview skills, as well as plan networking events and site visits. By fostering a sense of solidarity among female engineers, we hope that we can be a great resource for many engineers, particularly those that are just beginning their studies. Our chapter sponsors many fundraisers and outreach programs within the Macon community.

Spartan Society

President:  Daylen Byrd
Faculty Advisor:  CPT Scott Palmer    
A fun club that allows Mercer students to have the opportunity to try intense thrills and athletic events, such as paintball and fun runs

Sports Marketing and Analytics Club

President: Nick Thompson
Faculty Advisor: Lane Wakefield   

The purpose of the Sports Marketing and Analytics Club is to connect members with industry professionals and learn more about careers with professional sports organizations. Members of the club (open to all majors at Mercer) can expect to attend one professional sporting event each semester. Regular club meetings occur on the third Wednesday of each month in the Stetson Building. The club also helps coordinate the Sports Business Combine, whereby professional teams and other sports organizations come to campus for networking and panel presentations.

Students Supporting Israel

President:  Jenna Bruck
Faculty Advisor: Emily Piassick

The purpose of this club to celebrate Israeli culture and share that celebration with anyone who wants to join us!

Tea and Coffee Societea

President:  Luke MacIver
Faculty Advisor:  Charlotte Thomas    
Come drink Tea and Coffee with us! We meet in the Pod lounge on the first floor of the Connell Student Center Monday and Friday at 6pm to have tea, coffee, and a good conversation. All types of tea and coffee are welcome.

The Mercer Players

President:  Julianna Tollett
Faculty Advisor:  Scot Mann  

The Mercer Players is a group of students who have participated in Mercer’s theatre program. We host events such as auditions for upcoming theatrical shows, joint events with our honor fraternity, and produce up to 4 shows per academic year.

Traffick Jam Club

President:  Hannah Warren
Faculty Advisor:  Tammy Crutchfield    

Our purpose is to educate Mercer students on the prevalence of sex trafficking, how we can prevent it, to go out to raise awareness and make a difference in the Macon community.


Co-Presidents:  Sheridan King and Tiana Phoenix
Faculty Advisor:  Ken Blair     

W.O.M.E.N. (Women of Minorities Empowering the Neighborhood) is an orginazation that was created in order to educate, mentor, and empower minority females, especially young black girls. This organization consist of a coalition of women, but is not limited to women, in serving females within the Macon-Bibb community. Our plans include making STD testing available to the youth and young adults within the community, tutoring at Hartley Elementary, mental health awareness, and making feminine products accessible to homeless women within the community.

Women in Math and Science

President:  Erin Moore
Faculty Advisor:  Chamaree De Silva     

Mercer Women In Math and Science has been established to create a way for undergraduates of math, natural science, social science, computer science, physics and engineering majors to get together and discuss career goals, network, find study partners, make new similarly-minded friends, etc. It's just a way for people who are busy to find other busy, dedicated people and talk/chill/study. Men are welcome to join, stereotyping has no place in this club. Only math, science, good company, and good conversation.

Young Democrats of Mercer University

President:  Christian Hartley
Faculty Advisor: Chris Grant

The purpose of the Young Democrats of Mercer University to: engage young people in the political, economic, and social affairs of the United States government; to recruit, organize, and train new members of the Democratic Party; to help acquaint potential voters on the candidates and the issues they represent; and to help Democrats get elected at the state and local level.

Young Americans for Liberty

President:  Mark Boland
Faculty Advisor: Antonio Saravia

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is the largest, most active, and fastest growing pro-liberty organization on American college campuses. YAL seeks to identify, educate, train, and mobilize young people committed to winning on principle.

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