The Campus Life Office has a number of resources available to benefit the students who are members of a fraternity and sorority at Mercer University. Below you will find information pertaining to printed resources, policies, procedures, and forms. Other resources, such as videos and books, can be reserved through the Campus Life at any time.


Please note that there are several policies that members of Greek letter organizations at Mercer must be aware of, including but not limited to: Mercer’s definition of hazing and the university’s polices on alcohol, drug use, and sexual assault. All polices pertaining to student groups can be found in The University Student Handbook, Student Code of Conduct Section. Please note that the policies apply to all student groups at Mercer, not just fraternities and sororities. If you have specific questions regarding any of Mercer’s policies, please contact the Office of Campus Life at (478) 301-2868.

Anti-Hazing Policy 

Non-Academic Misconduct Process for Student Organziations

Student organizations are expected to operate in accordance with the law, student organizational guidelines (as outlined by the Office of Campus Life), and with all University policies including the Student Code of Conduct.  Student organizational recognition is not a right, and can be evaluated and rescinded by the University at any time for any reason.

When the University becomes aware of any allegation of misconduct by a student organization, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs may assign a staff member to investigate and review the allegation(s), as needed, by meeting with any individual the staff member determines is warranted.  In cases involving sensitive or confidential reporting (e.g., cases involving hazing, sexual misconduct, hospitalizations, etc.), the staff member investigating the case may use appropriate discretion in releasing information placed in the report to protect the identity and confidentiality of the reporting or involved student or witness.   That staff member will meet with the organization to review the allegations related to the organization before making a recommendation back to the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs on his or her evaluation of policy infraction(s) and proposed sanctions, if any (including suspension or expulsion of an organization).  The prior disciplinary history of the organization, the forthrightness and cooperation of the organization and its members during the proceedings, and the severity of the allegations may all be evaluated as part of this recommendation.      

The Associate Vice President for Student Affairs will then choose to accept that recommendation, modify it, or conduct further inquiry on his or her own before finalizing the decision. This decision will then be communicated to the organization in writing.   This decision is final; however, in cases in which a group can clearly substantiate that an egregious and obvious error occurred at some point in the determination, it may request the Vice President and Dean of Students to review the decision.  This request must be made in writing within three days of receiving the decision and clearly outline and substantiate the error that was made. The Vice President and Dean of Students may then choose, but is not obligated, to review the case and make any modifications as deemed appropriate.

Nothing in this section prohibits the University from implementing an “interim suspension” as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct while the case is being investigated.  Nothing in this policy prohibits the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs or Vice President for Student Affairs from reviewing a case directly at any point.

To report incidents of hazing (anonymous reports are accepted), please use the campus hazing reporting form found HERE.

Social Events Policy and Registration Form

Title IX Information and Community Resources

Campus Reservations

  • All student organization events must be approved by the Office of Campus Life. Check the University calendar first to avoid any scheduling conflicts as best as possible (keep in mind that it may take several days for approved events to appear on the calendar). Complete a student organization reservation request

Governing Councils

Fraternity and Sorority Forms



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