Fraternity and Sorority Academic and Membership Reports

Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Review

Fall 2021-Spring 2022 Review

Fall 2020-Spring 2021 Review

Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Review

Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Review

Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Review

Academic Reports

Fall 2023 Academic Report

Spring 2023 Academic Report

Fall 2022 Academic Report

Spring 2022 Academic Report

Fall 2021 Academic Report

Spring 2021 Academic Report

Fall 2020 Academic Report

Spring 2020 Academic Report (Pass/Fail classes were an option for the spring of 2020. This did nto negatively impact semester or cumulative chapter GPA's)

Fall 2019 Academic Report

Spring 2019 Academic Report

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