Panhellenic (PAN)

2022 Pan Presidents Similing

The Panhellenic Council is composed of representatives from the four sororities on Mercer's campus who are members of the National Panhellenic Conference.  Panhellenic's Purpose is to promote unity and cooperation among all fraternities and sororities, as well as foster growth and responsibility in the academic, social, emotional, and civic aspect of a college's woman's life by providing various outlets for development in these areas. As an active part of the Mercer and Macon communities, Panhellenic participates in several activities designed to enrich the undergraduate experience.

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Panhellenic Chapters

Alpha Delta Pi Beta Sigma ChapterAlpha Delta Pi Crest

Alpha Delta Pi sisters everywhere have the unique privilege of being a part of the "first and finest" secret society for women. ADPi was founded right here in Macon, GA in 1851, and sisters of Mercer’s Beta Sigma chapter have the opportunity to visit the various sites that our founders frequented. 3 women in a door and with a boa around their necksOn Mercer’s campus, the chapter excels. You will find ADPi sisters involved in every facet of campus life. From athletics to chorus, and from SGA to Admissions, ΑDPi sisters pride themselves in being active members of Mercer’s community. We boast sisters from a wide variety of academic disciplines and hold the award for Highest Panhellenic GPA for 10 consecutive years. Beyond Mercer, ADPis can be seen working and volunteering at many different places, including our national philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House. The Beta Sigma chapter is lucky enough to have a Ronald McDonald House only a few blocks away from campus, and we love to drive over and meet the families, cook them dinner, and help clean around the house a bit. Helping to maintain these families' “home away from home” while their children are sick is something we are honored to have the privilege to do. When our sisters have free time, we can be found spending time together on the intramural fields, at one of our formals or mixers, attending Mercer’s athletic events, or relaxing on the ADPi porch. To us, Alpha Delta Pi goes far beyond our four years at Mercer. Through the chaos of college and life, we always know that we have our sisters to rely on and trust to help us become the best versions of ourselves.

Colors: White and Azure Blue

Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House

Local Chapter's Web Address:

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Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Iota ChapterAlpha Gamma Crest

More than 100 years ago, eleven influential women founded Alpha Gamma Delta. United by more than Greek letters, these women established a sisterhood that grows stronger each year, fueled by our Purpose. Today, nearly 200,000 women have been initiated into Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity. Mercer’s Gamma Iota chapter was chartered February 27, 1960. Alpha Gam sister Margaret Toy pioneered the first Meals on Wheels, and today, we proudly partner with both Meals on Wheels and Feeding America to serve our philanthropy, Fighting Hunger. This is especially important to the Macon-Bibb community, where food insecurity rates are at 23.2%. Alpha Gam3 smiling women in front of painted banners participate in an annual Week of Service, Backpack Buddies, card making, and our campus-wide events like “Mac-n-Cheese with AGD” and our “How Sweet It Is” dessert bar. Our ticket sales and fundraising support our chapter’s title of Jewel Status, an International award we have held for nineteen years!

Where else will you find us? Our sisters are Admissions team members, intramural stars, Peer Advisors, Bearly Civil Engineers, MerServe members, fitness class instructors, and even dancing with the Colorguard on gameday. We are study buddies, along with our Academic Excellence Team, keeping members updated on available scholarships, study abroad, tutoring assistance, job interview training, internships, and career counseling. Our chapter is a proud recipient of the “Strive for Pi” Award from International Headquarters, which recognizes chapters that reach a cumulative GPA of 3.14 or higher. Every Spring, our chapter celebrates with an Academic Achievement Banquet recognizing the success of our sisters. And we love to take a break with some socializing, too. Our Skate and Date night, Galentine’s Day, Hockey Night at Macon Mayhem, and Tacky Sweater Gift Exchanges are most memorable. We are the title holder for MU Miracle Penny Wars, and we have won multiple Greek Week and Homecoming events. Our chapter has several Greek Woman of the Year and Greek Advisor awards, as well. For us, being an Alpha Gam is finding your people, growing in service to others, and joining generations of women who joyfully contribute to their communities. We are Loving. Leading. Lasting. Insta: @merceralphagam

Colors: Red, Buff, and Green

Philanthropy: Fighting Hunger

Local Chapter's Web Address:

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Chi Omega Psi Gamma ChapterChi Omega Crest

Throughout Chi Omega's long and proud history, six purposes have guided the direction of every chapter and brought its members opportunities for personal growth and development.  Those purposes are Scholarship, Community Service, Friendship, High Standards of Personnel, Participation in Campus Activities, and Career and Personal Development.  Mercer's chapter Chi Omega Women Smilingof Chi Omega, the Psi Gamma chapter, has excelled in upholding these standards and has earned recognition for their excellence in many areas. Chi Omega believes in the heritage and values represented in campus Greek Life.  With those thoughts in mind, we have become the largest women's fraternal organization in the world with over 330,000 initiates, 240 alumnae chapters and 180 collegiate chapters.  Since its beginning, Chi Omega has nurtured it members by providing them with unique opportunities in leadership, in scholarship and in life-long friendship.

Colors: Cardinal and Straw

Philanthropy: Make-a-Wish Foundation

Local Chapter's Web Address:

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Phi Mu Alpha Iota ChapterPhi Mu Crest

Founded in 1852, Phi Mu is a women's organization which provides personal and academic development, service to others, commitment to excellence and lifelong friendship through tradition. Phi Mu promotes vibrant living, encouraging members to achieve their personal best. Across Phi Mu Members SmilingMercer's campus, the women of the Alpha Iota chapter hold leadership positions in various organizations. In addition to this, Phi Mu's are always busy playing intramural sports, participating in Dance Marathon, serving our philanthropy, the Children's Miracle Network Hospital, as well as other parts of the community. The women of the Alpha Iota chapter of Phi Mu pride themselves on a strong sisterhood where they support each other and strive to achieve personal goals.

Colors: Rose and White

Philanthropy: Children's Miracle Network

Local Chapter's Web Address: 

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Bee Motif- Handcrafted with Love

Panhellenic Recruitment 

Our fraternity and sorority programs offer a diverse group of people and organizations to interested new members.  Mercer's largest organizations are a part of the Panhellenic Conference, known at Mercer as Pan. During the Pan recruitment process, you will have the opportunity to meet the members of our community and get more information about each organization. Each chapter is unique and it is our goal to help you find a group that will help bring out the best in you!
For more information about fall recruitment 2022, please see the links below! 

Delayed Recruitment

Mercer practices "delayed recruitment." This means that fraternity and sorority organizations do not actively recruit during the first few weeks of the fall semester. All first year students, male and female, must abide by the contact policies in place during this time. Violations can result in the inability to join a chapter. For a full explanation of the policy please read our Delayed Recruitment Guidelines.

Fall 2022 Schedule 

  • Thursday, September 1 ~ Orientation, 7-8:30pm
  • Monday, September 5 (Labor Day)  ~ Open House Day 1 
  • Tuesday, September 6  ~ Open House Day 2 
  • Wednesday, September 7 ~ Philanthropy Night 1 
  • Thursday, September 8 ~ Philanthropy Night 2
  • Friday, September 9  ~ Preference Night
  • Saturday, September 10 ~ Bid Day

Registration is Open Now - Register Here!
Recruitment Guidelines for Chapters
2022 Panhellenic Brochure
Fraternity and Sorority Programs Brochure
Frequently Asked Questions



Women registering for Recruitment are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee prior to participating of $12. The fee may be paid online at the conclusion of the online registrationt. The fee covers all costs associated with the Recruitment program, including all printed materials, snack food during the week, and the Panhellenic Recruitment t-shirt for all potential new members. 

The semesterly costs associated with sorority membership vary from chapter to chapter, and costs are also different the first semester of membership as well as if you live in the chapter house. 

Many individual chapters offer payment plans to help members manage the cost of membership. These payment plans are specific to each organization, and if you would like more information you should ask chapter members during the recruitment process. Most organizations also provide opportunities for members to apply for scholarships from their (inter)national organizations.


To be eligible to register and participate in recruitment, you must first be fully admitted to Mercer University and registered for at least 12 hours of fall classes. Students who have not yet attended Orientation and registered for classes but who have been fully admitted are able to register. 

There is no minimum grade point average required for registration, it is STRONGLY recommended you have at least a 2.8 high school and/or college grade point average. Please note that meeting this minimum does not guarantee membership in a sorority. All submitted academic information will be verified against official transcripts on file with Mercer University, and academic information will be updated to match University records

Not at all! Sorority life has many wonderful opportunities to offer to all college women. There is no reason for you to miss out on the experience because you are not a freshman. All undergraduate college women are encouraged to participate in Recruitment regardless of their year in college. Panhellenic offers everyone the opportunity to experience the many benefits of sorority life.

Recruitment Process

Open House Night: Panhellenic will provide you with an official Recruitment t-shirt for you to wear on this day. You should also wear casual shorts or a casual skirt and very comfortable shoes (sandals, closed-toed shoes, flats).

Philanthropy Night: Casual and lightweight tops with casual skirts or shorts or a casual sundress are appropriate attire for this round.

Preference Night: Preference is the most formal round of recruitment. Chapter members will be dressed formally, and it would be appropriate for you to wear a formal dress with dress shoes.

Bid Day: All potential new members should dress comfortably. Every chapter makes a Bid Day t-shirt and you will receive your new chapter's shirt once you arrive in Greek Village.

Panhellenic recruitment is a mutual selection process, which means that both the potential members and the individual sororities are making choices. Potential members will make decisions regarding parties they want to attend and the sororities will make decisions regarding the women they want to invite to their parties. Potential members need to understand that they may not always get invited to the parties they would like to attend. Mercer has four of the strongest national sororities on our campus. Each sorority deserves consideration. The potential member needs to ask the question if it is more important to be a member of the Greek system or a member of a certain organization. Potential members need to understand that a few members of a sorority cannot speak for the entire organization. Impressions they may get from members during the fall or formal recruitment need to be weighed lightly. Many potential members set themselves up for disappointment by putting too much emphasis on what a few members have lead them to believe.

A recommendation is a personal letter of reference provided by an alumna of a sorority to her sorority’s chapter at Mercer.  In the “rec” the alumna will write about your talents and skills that will contribute to the sorority. The purpose of a “rec” is to introduce a woman to the sorority so that the sorority members may become better acquainted with her prior to Recruitment. Tell your relatives, friends, and teachers you are going through Recruitment. An alumna may send in a personal letter or obtain a form through her Sorority. 

Although recommendations are almost a must at larger institutions, at Mercer they are not required and many of the women going through the formal recruitment process do not submit any.  It WILL NOT hinder you from getting an invitation from a sorority if you do not have recommendation letter.

If you would like to submit a letter of recommendation please have them sent to:


1501 Mercer University Drive

Campus Life 

Macon, GA 31207

You are under no obligation to join a sorority just because you participate in Recruitment. You are encouraged to participate in Recruitment because it is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about sorority life and meet new friends.

Although most women participating in Recruitment are invited to join a chapter, there are no guarantees that you will receive a bid. Typically, nearly 25% of women participating in Recruitment voluntarily withdraw from the process during the week, choosing not to continue in Recruitment even though they have chapters available to attend. Fortunately, less than 1% of women participating in Recruitment (3-4 out of approximately 120) are released from the process, meaning they are not invited back to any chapters. Overall, approximately 75% of women participating receive bids to join sororities at the end of the process.

Sorority Life

By joining a sorority, you have a tight-knit group of friends who can help you to become acclimated to Mercer. Sororities expect all members to maintain an above-average GPA. Along with helping members with academics, the Greek community is made up of the most active individuals on campus and can help you “network." In addition to these networking skills, sorority life will improve your time management skills as well as your leadership skills, both of which are very important in the “real world”.

On average, during your new member period, you can plan to spend 5 hours a week at your sorority house. Please remember that this is just an average. Most of your time will be spent in chapter meetings or new member meetings, studying and social activities.