Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

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The National Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Panhellenic Association (NAPA) is a collective group of leaders within the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community who work together to advocate, collaborate, and educate our members and constituency for the greater good. We represent our member organizations within the fraternal and university communities.

The National Asian Pacific Islander American Panhellenic Association (NAPA) began in the summer of 2004 when a group of 14 APIDA fraternities and sororities joined together to form the APIDA Greek Alliance (AGA). At Mercer, 2 NAPA organzations, Delta Epsilon Psi and Sigma Sigma Rho, make the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC). Learn more about NAPA here.

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Macon MGC Chapters

Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc. Alpha Mu Chapter
There are no active members of the Alpha Mu Chapter currently. Delta Eplision Crest

7 Revered Kings founded Delta Epsilon Psi at Mercer University on April 9th, 2017. These men founded what would be the first Multicultural Greek Fraternity on the Macon campus of Mercer University in the newly formed Multicultural Greek Council in the Spring of 2017 alongside the distinguished ladies of Sigma Sigma Rho. These men paved the way for South Asian men to impact not only their campus, but also their community, and in the short time they have been established they have upheld our values and principles to the utmost degree.

Founded in 1998 at the University of Texas at Austin, our Eighteen Founding Fathers of Delta Epsilon Psi were driven to strengthen the South Asian presence on their campus. Driven by the three pillars of our fraternity: Brotherhood, Discipline, and Commitment, these eighteen men created an organization that would impact thousands. Delta Epsilon Psi has experienced a tremendous amount of success in our brief history and has reached numerous milestones. Delta Epsilon Psi has gained many strides from distinct service events all the way to promoting South Asian representation on campus and throughout the nation. Today, we strive to build a South Asian presence at prestigious universities throughout the country; however, our goals and purpose have expanded to a much more diverse array of motivations.

Since our humble beginning in 1998, we as South Asian leaders have maintained a positive reputation with unyielding results in every task that we undertake. As the largest South Asian fraternity in the nation, our common goal has always been to strengthen and establish a strong presence in our local communities while developing a strong national image with dedicated service to our community. However, as professionals and students, doing what is essential has always been our strong suit. We are men of action and by exposing ourselves to various aspects of community life and service, we have come to encompass the ideology of service through leadership and excellence. We don’t turn boys into men, we turn men into leaders. Delta Epsilon Psi encourages its brothers to be active leaders in the Fraternity along with their respective University and community. Our goal is to instill leadership characteristics into our brothers to help them succeed within Delta Epsilon Psi, as well as in every aspect of their lives. We encourage and emphasize leadership because of its importance in both the Fraternity and in society. Through our proactive approach to service, we have spread the idea that every action we take not only affects ourselves, but also those around us. A service first mentality is something every brother strives to have. As leaders, our endeavor is to give back what our community has given us while having the drive to promote South Asian culture and purpose.

Therefore, whether it’s while bringing students together on the weekend for good-spirited fun or raising awareness for Type 1 Diabetes, our brothers are playing an active role to unify their community and the culture that exists within it. By dedicating such a drastic amount of free time into community engagement, we have built a strong bond between our brothers. This bond is something each of us holds to be of paramount importance, for each of us knows - within brotherhood lies our strength. As our fraternity ages and our brothers move into the real world, we plan on using this strength to do things of even greater impact. When a brother leaves his respective university, he leaves with confidence knowing that his leadership ability is strong enough to tackle all of life’s responsibilities. Delta Epsilon Psi trains and develops leaders for the next generation. Our exclusive alumni network and mentorship program give us an edge in leadership development. Our programs teach you what it takes to organize your time, to excel academically, and to develop into an integral member of any community. This is because our purpose is never-ending, Delta Epsilon Psi is comprised of men devoted to bettering the world.

Pillars: Brotherhood, Discipline, Commitment

Colors: Navy Blue, Silver

Philanthropy: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Be the Match

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National website:

Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc. Chi ChapterSigma Sigma Rho Crest

Nine Distinguished Ladies founded Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Incorporated at Mercer University April 17th, 2017. These ladies came together to form the first Multicultural Greek Sorority on Mercer’s Campus. Our sisters take pride in being the first South Asian descent Sorority on campus. The Mercer University Chapter upholds the principles of Sisterhood, Society, and Remembrance while developing leaders from ladies at Mercer University and as professionals in their lives upon graduation. Alongside Delta Epsilon Psi, these two greek organizations formed the Multicultural Greek Council in the spring of 2017. The Mercer University establishment received Chapter distinction on May 17, 2019, and shall forever be known as The Captivating Chi Chapter.

Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Incorporated is a historically South Asian based sorority. Founded on December 10, 1998, by ten Distinguished Ladies at St. John’s University in New York. Sigma Sigma Rho was the first sorority of its kind to be established on the East Coast. The name Sigma Sigma Rho was chosen for this organization because it substantially upholds our motives and goals, which are expressed in Sisterhood, Society, and Remembrance. Sigma Sigma Rho embodies unity amongst women of South Asian descent, strives to serve society on a small and large scale, and holds fast in instilling a sense of pride in the background of each individual sister. Sigma Sigma Rho is a sisterhood of women who have chosen this affiliation to achieve their desired personal development and to act for the betterment of local, regional, national and global communities through the efforts of a network of sisters nationwide. The organization defines itself with the saying: "Sisterhood is what we work for, Society is whom we give to, and Remembrance is what lies in our hearts."

Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc. provides service within the South Asian community on campus while promoting and enriching the appreciation of the morals and pillars that the organization is founded on. We develop women of strength and leadership through active participation within our respective communities, and through it, strengthen those traits of conduct, thought, and idealism which characterize the responsible members of this organization. Our goal is to provide a meaningful and worthwhile academic and social experience for all engaged in collegiate work and to cooperate with other organizations and societies in every manner consistent with our mutual purposes and those of the institutions at which chapters are located. Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc. is committed to our organization's National Philanthropy, Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention and our mission to develop strong, professional, progressive young women on every campus at which we are established.

Colors: Blue, Black, and Silver

Philanthropy: Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention