Request Volunteers

The Office of Campus Life welcomes requests for volunteers. Volunteer requests may address ongoing needs or focus on one-time events. Common requests for volunteers include tutoring, neighborhood cleanups, event setup or breakdown assistance, or planning activities for local youth or elderly residents. 
While the Office of Campus Life cannot gurantee a student reponse, we will promote your request via our community engagement platform BearPulse powered by GivePulse. Volunteer requests will also be adverstised on Service & Civic Engagement at Mercer University social media networks and other campus communications. 

Please consider the following when making a volunteer request:

  • Volunteer requests should be submitted as early as possible. The Office of Campus Life recommends submitting your request at least three weeks prior to your event.
  • If volunteers will require background checks or training from your organization, please make sure to indicate that requirement on the BearPulse volunteer request form. 
  • Students will contact organizations directly so the organization may monitor how a specific need is met.
  • Individual organizations, not Mercer University or the Office of Campus Life, are responsible for volunteer insurance.


All volunteer requests must be agency-based. The Office of Campus Life will not post requests for individual needs in the home, such as private tutors, caretakers, or drivers.


How to Request Volunteers

At least three weeks before your event, determine your specific volunteer need, including dates, times, and number of volunteers required. Be sure to clearly define the responsibilities of the volunteer, along with any training or special requirements, and the date by which you will need a response. Volunteer requests should be submitted via BearPulse by clicking here. It may be neecessary to create an account on our platform to complete your request. 
If you have questions about submitting your volunteer request, please email