Community Partners

Mercer has a longstanding tradition of service to the Macon community. We pride ourselves on supporting the development of students who are engaged, civically active, and socially conscious. As a clearinghouse for student volunteerism, the Center for Community Engagement partners with local community and non-profit organizations to foster a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources.

Requesting Volunteers

To make a request for volunteers for either one-time or ongoing service projects fill out the Volunteer Request form. Please note that we cannot guarantee a student response to your request; however, the Center for Community Engagement will promote your event on our Facebook page and through outreach to student organizations on campus. 

Community Development Internship Program

The Center for Commmunity Engagement, in partnership with the Center for Career and Professional Development, has launched the Community Development Internship Program, which pairs students with non-profits, community-based organizations, and private businesses that have a vested interest in improving our Central Georgia community. Through the internship, community partners are expected to provide a meaningful developmental experience for students and students are expected to become a quality asset for community partners.

Interns will be required to work between 6-10 hours for the full academic year (September 2017-April 2018), excluding school breaks. Students will be receiving academic credit for their work, so periodically, you will be contacted by the Mercer Center for Community Engagement to provide feedback on your intern’s performance.

Below you will find a few examples of the sort of projects that students might engage in. No more than 25% of a student’s work should be clerical in nature.

• Conduct research on grants or issues related to your organization’s activities.
• Provide assistance in strategic planning or project evaluation.
• Create a marketing plan or plan and promote fundraising activities.
• Serve as a communications liaison between volunteers and staff.
• Work with area businesses to obtain sponsorship.

To apply for an intern, click here. The deadline to apply for an intern for the 2017-2018 academic year is Friday, February 3, 2017.