Policies & Procedures

To register a new student organization...

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Register your student organization! Download Registration Form here.  

Email completed form to atlcampuslife@mercer.edu or drop off at Sheffield 208.

Have questions?  Contact Campus Life (678) 547-6824.

Fundraising Information

The Senior Vice President's Office has had several requests from various groups to have large social gatherings on campus.  As you are aware, we have a contract with Carlyle's for cafeteria and catering services.   At the same time, we understand that social events (especially those involving food!) are wonderful opportunities to build campus community.  In an effort to support food services and to continue to build community on this campus, we have developed a few guidelines that will be of assistance to you as you plan: 

  1. Please limit large social and/or fundraising events that involve the selling of or bringing food items to campus to once per semester.

  2. When large social and/or fundraising events are scheduled and those events involve selling or bringing food items to campus (e.g., krispy kreme fundraisers, chik-fil-a fundraisers, etc.), please contact the SVP's office one week in advance to get approval so we can let Auxilary Services and our colleagues in the cafeteria know of potential impact on food service.

  3. In the event you do schedule the sale of prepared food items, they cannot be sold in or near the cafeteria. (Additional regulations apply to food not prepared in a commercial kitchen, so please contact the Campus Life office of the SVP office prior to any initial food fundraising planning!)

As is always the case, when you do have events, please make every effort to ensure that the area is left clean and well-maintained.

For fundraising approval...

Download the request form here and submit a completed soft copy to atlcampuslife@mercer.edu or hard copy to Campus Life (Sheffield 208).  The Assistant Dean of Students will follow up with questions and/or approve your request within five (5) business days. 

Campus & Residence Life posting policy info

All flyers, posters and banners must be approved by the Office of Campus Life (Sheffield 208) BEFORE you may post in academic or residence life buildings on campus. Campus Life staff will approve, stamp, and provide you with a list of approved posting locations for the Atlanta campus.  Organizations must place all other flyers on campus  on their own following the policies of each academic building. 

Non-Academic Misconduct Process for Student Organizations

Student organizations are expected to operate in accordance with the law, student organizational guidelines (as outlined by the Office of Campus Life), and with all University policies including the Student Code of Conduct.  Student organizational recognition is not a right, and can be evaluated and rescinded by the University at any time for any reason.
When the University becomes aware of any allegation of misconduct by a student organization, the Assistant Dean of Students in Macon or Atlanta (depending on the primary location in which the organization exits) will assign a staff member to investigate and review the allegation(s) by meeting with any individual the staff member determines is warranted.  In cases involving sensitive or confidential reporting (e.g., cases involving hazing, sexual misconduct, hospitalizations, etc.), the staff member investigating the case may use appropriate discretion in releasing information placed in the report to protect the identity and confidentiality of the reporting or involved student or witness.   That staff member will then meet with the organization to review the allegations related to the organization before making a recommendation back to the Assistant Dean on his or her evaluation of policy infraction(s) and proposed sanctions, if any (including suspension or expulsion of an organization).  The prior disciplinary history of the organization, the forthrightness and cooperation of the organization and its members, during the proceedings, and the severity of the allegations may all be evaluated as part of this recommendation.      
The Assistant Dean will then choose to accept that recommendation, modify it, or conduct further inquiry on his or her own before finalizing the decision. This decision will then be communicated to the organization in writing.   This decision is final; however, in cases in which a group can clearly substantiate that an egregious and obvious error occurred at some point in the determination, it may request the Vice President and Dean of Students to review the decision.  This request must be made in writing within three days of receiving the decision and clearly outline and substantiate the error that was made.   The Vice President and Dean of Students may then choose, but is not obligated, to review the case and make any modifications as deemed appropriate.
Nothing in this section prohibits the University from implementing an “interim suspension” as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct while the case is being investigated.  Nothing in this policy prohibits the Assistant Dean in Macon or Atlanta, or Vice President for Student Affairs from reviewing a case directly at any point.