Program Planning Information

Event Planning Guide

Please use this link to view and/or download Student Affair's Event Planning Guide for Mercer students, faculty, and staff.  Following this guide will help you be able to fully plan an event, fill out all of the appropriate forms, and have important contact information for people around campus.  As this document is updated throughout the year, the latest version will be available here.

Campus Reservations

Use the link below to plan and reserve the necessary space and equipment for an event you are hosting on the Atlanta campus.

Atlanta Request Form

Event Set-Up Form -  Atlanta Physical Plant

Atlanta Campus Wide Announcement Request

The Atlanta Student Affairs office is happy to assist you with your campus announcement needs! Please note that all announcements originating in our office must be University sponsored/approved and of a "Campus Wide" nature (they must be inter-program/disciplinary and apply to the campus body audience as a whole). Completed requests must include all required information and may be modified by the Assistant Dean of Students' office for optimal content and formatting display.

Marketing Guidelines: Atlanta Campus Wide Email and DMP

In an effort to streamline the number of emails being received by our Atlanta/RAC Mercer students, our office now sends out a consolidated "newsletter" format email.  This consolidated mailing is sent from the Atlanta Student Affairs office on Monday and Thursday during the Fall and Spring semesters. Submit any promotional material that you would like included at this link.

Please carefully read submission guidelines below. 

If after reading the below information carefully you have any additional questions, please contact Kate DeHaan (email: | phone: (678) 547-6824).

  • Submissions for the school year 2x weekly emails must be submitted by Monday at 12:00pm and Thursday at 12:00pm. 

    • If submitting flyer, it must be LANDSCAPE orientation

    • If you are starting from scratch, create a presentation in PowerPoint using the widescreen format (16:9).

    • If you already have a horizontal/landscape design, submit it in a JPEG or PNG format (1280x720 pixels). 

    • Text not to exceed 35 words –feel free to use this text to include links to additional information!

    • Text must clearly include date, time, location, organization/program/school, if sponsoring if applicable.

    • Contact information must be clearly listed.  (email address is preferred)

    • One graphic submitted in either jpeg or png format. Please, NO  portrait oriented or small text FLYERS! These images will possibly be resized based on number of items included in each email so please ensure graphic can be easily read if size is reduced.

    • If event/item is being submitted by a student organization, faculty/staff advisor contact and approval must be included.

    • PDF files are NOT accepted.  Submit JPG and PNG files only.

Enter all submissions to Student Affairs Announcements & DMP Submissions.


The Assistant Dean of Students office reserves the right to make any formatting and editing changes for optimal display results. Announcements to be submitted here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our offices!  

(678) 547-6824

Click here to access a map for postings around campus.  

Postings must be approved by the Campus Student Affairs office.  Come to either suite 208 or room 212A in the Sheffield Student Building.  Postings are only allowed in certain locations, some of which require additional approvals.  Postings are not allowed in bathroom stalls, in elevators, or on windows.  Postings will be removed if in violation of these policies.